Volunteer Opportunities Through PTA

Hi PACE Families,


Remember how you can earn 40 of your PACE volunteer hours through PTA volunteering? Well, you can! Here are four great opportunities coming up:

  1. Do you enjoy making flyers? Would you be interested in making flyers for PTA Events? We need somebody who is able to make flyers throughout the year for different PTA needs. The position would involve connecting with the committee chairs to get the info for the flyer, and then designing the flyer and sending it to the Northshore print shop. If interested: volunteer@lockwoodpta.org
  2. The PTA is looking for at least 4 people for our printing/routing team. At least 2 that can be available on Mondays to go to the Northshore Print shop and make copies, with 2 you would only have to be available every other Monday, and some weeks there would be nothing at all. We also need at least 2 available on Tuesdays to count out flyers and put them in the teacher’s boxes for Wednesday distribution, like the printing, with 2 it would be an every other week position. If interested: nikkigepner@gmail.com.
  3. Lockwood is looking for 3 volunteers that can be line helpers in the morning for Kindergartners. You would need to be there by 9:00am September 11th – 15th. You would be responsible for standing with the line of kids, helping them find the correct line, and assisting to walk them to class with the teacher. After you help walk them to class, you are released. So it’s about 30 minutes of help each morning for a week. This really helps the parents dropping off their kindergartners and helps the teachers keeping the kindergartners calm and in line until they get to class. Please email : volunteer@lockwoodpta.org to help out
  4. Lockwood needs 4-5 volunteers to help stuff envelopes for the first week of school. The volunteers are needed at the school on August 28th at 10am. This job takes an 1-2 hours depending on how many volunteers we get. Older kids are welcome to help and younger kids can come and hang out. To volunteer please email: volunteer@lockwoodpta.org

There are also a few regular PTA jobs that need filling, including:

  • Reflections Chair
  • Bingo Night Chair
  • Reader Board Maintenance
  • Flyer Design
  • Document Printing/Routing Team

Please contact volunteer@lockwoodpta.org if you are interested in helping with any of the above