Scrip Gift Cards

At PACE, it’s always the season to earn money toward your fundraising obligation.

This might be the easiest and best way to raise money for PACE. Why? You don’t have to sell anything and it doesn’t cost your family anything. 

You buy a Gift Card through Scrip, and you receive the exact amount on the cards as the price you pay.

PACE will receive a percentage of the sale proceeds from scrip vendors (the percentage varies from vendor to vendor).

Do you want to give a loved one a gift? Are you planning to go to the movies? Had you considered going grocery shopping this year?

To earn money for PACE, simply buy a gift card through Scrip, then pay for your purchase with the gift card! It’s as easy as that.

For questions or more information, please see your room parent. Alternatively, you can email our Scrip Fundraising team directly at