Information Night

Are you interested in the PACE Program?

Come to the PACE Information Night. You will hear all about PACE and the application process for inclusion into the upcoming school year program.

Get your questions answered: When is registration? What are the required classroom tours? What are the fees to join? Is there a fundraising obligation? How much time do parents have to volunteer in the classroom? How does bussing work for students outside of the Lockwood zone? How do waivers into Lockwood work? How is the PACE experience different for my child than a regular neighborhood classroom? What enrichments are offered my child in PACE? Are siblings guaranteed in?

While attendance at the PACE Info night is not mandatory (unlike the Classroom Tour), it is highly recommended–mainly for your clarity. 

Interested in PACE at Lockwood?
Please attend our Parent Information Night

Tuesday, October 18, 2022  7:00 PM at Lockwood Elementary Cafeteria

View last year’s info night recording here.

For more details, please email the Membership Chair: