Parents Active in Cooperative Education

PACE at Lockwood

PACE stands for Parents Active in Cooperative Education;
it is a choice program offered through the Northshore School District. PACE is a program of enrichment – it is not a remedial, gifted, nor accelerated program. The program is committed to an enriched learning environment, emphasizing active participation of parents, innovative teaching techniques, and creating a partnership of teacher, parents, and students.

Interested in PACE at Lockwood for your student
in the 2021-2022 School Year?
If you missed our information night, the recorded session is available for you to view.  The link requests you to register your contact information so we can follow up with you to answer any questions.
Link to recorded PACE at Lockwood information night.

PACE is excited to offer remote tours this year!  Remember to complete your application for PACE you must attend one of our tours.  Please sign up for a tour at PACE at Lockwood Remote Tours

Upcoming Tours:
January 18, Monday 7:00-8:30 pm
January 30, Saturday 10:00-11:30 am
February 3, Wednesday 3:00-4:30 pm

Check our our  PACE at Lockwood – Join Us page for more information

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Pace at Lockwood


PACE is a program of enrichment: not a remedial, gifted, or accelerated program

Pace at Lockwood

Pace at Lockwood

1 week 2 days ago

Happy New Year and welcome back to school! Let's keep things consistent with a Meet the Board post~

Name/Position: Summer Chen, Enrollment Coordinator
Hobbies: Running, indoor biking, hiking, traveling with (and without) family
Favorite breakfast: Chinese congee with salted duck eggs
Favorite thing about PACE: I get to see what my kids do in school and get to be part of it.
Favorite PACE event: Outdoor education
Favorite place: Bangkok, Thailand
Family: me, Yun Zhou (husband), Suchen (4th Grade PACE), Dayne (3rd Grade PACE) and Micah (3), and another baby boy on the way

Pace at Lockwood

1 week 3 days ago

PACE is excited to be able to offer remote tours this year! Remember to receive your application for PACE, you need to attend one of our tours. The next tour dates and times are listed below, and you sign up through SignupGenius at PACE at LOCKWOOD Remote Tours.
Hope to see you then!
Kris Somol Hamasaki, PACE Tour Coordinator

* January 7th, Thursday 9:30-11am.
* January 11th, Monday 7:00-8:30pm

* January 18th, Monday 7:00-8:30 pm

* January 30th, Saturday, 10:00-11:30pm

* February 3rd, Wednesday, 3:00-4:30pm

Pace at Lockwood

Pace at Lockwood

1 month 12 hours ago

Name/Position: Kristin Beima-Sofie, 5th Grade Class Coordinator
Hobbies: Dancing (especially tap and hip hop - I take adult classes which are so fun!), reading, playing board games, being crafty (although I'm not that good), and traveling
Favorite Breakfast: I'm not a big breakfast person, so probably anything with hashbrowns
Favorite thing about PACE: I love the community, and being able to really know the families and the kids, as well as the teachers. I think that connection is something I will really miss when my oldest moves to middle school next year.
Favorite PACE Event: My favorite activities in PACE are the field trips, which I love to attend when I can get off work, and Outdoor Education. I have had so much fun teaching at Outdoor Ed the past few times!
Favorite place: I feel lucky that I get to travel the world for work, and especially travel to sub-Saharan Africa. Not being able to travel this year is something I really miss, and something I am really looking forward to after COVID. My favorite places I've been, and where I would go back in a heartbeat, are either the Kenyan coast (Tiwi beach or Watamu), the Maasai Mara for Safari, or Cape Town in South Africa.
Family: Our family includes myself, Aleena (currently a 1st grader in PACE), Kaila (currently a 5th grader in PACE), and Piper (our Bearded Dragon)

Pace at Lockwood

1 month 1 day ago

Good evening PACE Community!

Below is an announcement from our PACE Tour Coordinator. If someone you know (or perhaps you yourself if not already a member) is interested in joining the PACE at Lockwood program, please share this information:

PACE is excited to be able to offer remote tours this year! In order to receive your application for PACE, you need to attend one of our tours. The next one is this Friday, December 18th, 7-8:30pm. Hope to see you then!
Kris Somol Hamasaki, PACE Tour Coordinator

Here is the signup genius for the 12/18/20 tour.

Pace at Lockwood

1 month 6 days ago

A reminder- tomorrow, Thurs 12/10, is Library curbside pickup at KMS from 3:30-5. (This is also a smaller material distribution event but no PACE classes). And lastly, if you have a card for the Senior Center, these can also be turned in at this time.