Building PACE Community

The four pillars of our PACE Mission Statement are a community, a nurturing learning environment, a legacy of core values, and a foundation for their future.

Our program supports an enriched, creative curriculum that celebrates our similarities and differences with balanced attention to the development of the intellect and character through a nurturing environment that is founded on our shared commitment to teach through modeling: respect, compassion, responsibility, and resourcefulness. Through our partnership of teachers, parents or guardians, and children we are committed to providing an excellent education while fostering a sense of belonging—a community.

Building PACE Community is equally important as providing additional enrichment for our students. We believe it is essential to create strong bonds and lifelong friendships among our families. It helps to strengthen the foundation for their future.



Every year in September all students in PACE (grades 1-5) and their families spend the weekend camping together–somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Our selected campsite will often have options for campers/caravans, tents, yurts, and cabins. Activities like nature hikes, beach excursions, scavenger hunt, nature art, and organized games are planned for our families. We come together to provide morning refreshments and a potluck-style dinner.

Evenings are often filled with campfires complete with s’mores, songs, stories, dance parties, and sometimes even an outdoor movie night.

Another great opportunity to participate for parents and caregivers who can only volunteer once or twice due to their work schedules.  

Kayak Point Camp Pace Collage-small

Other community – building events for students:

Through the summer and during school year our Event Coordinators from each classroom plan several fun events and play-dates at different locations for our students and their families to enjoy and get to know each other.

These could be:
– park play-dates,
– mini golf,
– bowling,
– skating,
– beach day,
– swimming pool play-date,
– group bike rides,
– trips to local u-pick farms or pumpkin patch,
– pumpkin decorating party,
– kids karaoke night, and more.

Community- building events for parents and caregivers:

When we have Community in mind, we not only focus on our students but also on our PACE parents and caregivers.  We try to organize Mom Night Out, Mom Game Night, Dad’s Night Out, Parents Concert Event, Parent Educational Events, just to name a few.

We continue to strengthen the bond and friendships between our PACE families through events like this.

Look for events detail and dates in our Pace Newsletter via email or from  your Classroom Coordinator communications.

We are looking forward to see you at our next event!

Have a great idea for the next Community Building Event? Contact our  Community Events Team. We would love to hear from you.

Fun Shows or Special Visitors

Often to culminate our special events like Outdoor Education Day, Dia Del Nino, Fall Festival or Mini Units we invite performers, scientists, local nature specialists or visit virtually with them.

We were lucky to be entertained by:

  • The Falconer  (WA local – educating about birds of prey)
  • The Reptile Zoo (Monroe, WA – a zoo full of snakes, lizards, tortuous, alligator and more),
  • Local amazing and mysterious Magicians,
  • Panama Folklore (Seattle, WA),
  • NASA Rocket Engineers (via Zoom),
  • and more