3rd Grade

Ms. Ekstorm
3rd Grade PACE
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Third Grade PACE at Lockwood is the perfect place to be!  We’re constantly thinking, questioning, discussing, and learning.  I encourage creativity and innovative thinking in all that we do – and we work to develop third grade communication skills so that students can effectively share their ideas.

The world continues to open up to third graders. We’ll learn about Native American cultures and then expand to learning about many Pacific Rim cultures.  Through PACE enrichment, we’ll visit museums to increase our understanding of the art and history of peoples around the world.  As scientists, third graders deepen their knowledge of ecosystems, forces of motion, weather and climate, and life cycles – including a study of our local salmon. 


I love working with children. I believe that students learn best in safe, engaging environments and loves to teach art, especially integrating arts into all areas of the curriculum. I’ve taught Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, sixth grade, and now third grade.  Understanding where students have been and where they’re headed academically gives me a unique perspective on third grade students.  I also have three (nearly) grown children of my own, and I know every single child is unique. 

Many years ago, a mentor teacher told me, “Teaching isn’t a job, it’s a way of life.”  It often feels like teaching is my hobby as well as my career!  If I’m ever not working on a project related to kids, I like to quilt, garden, and read.

Ms. Ekstrom holds a BA in Sociology and teacher’s certificate from Western Washington University. She has her Masters Degree from Lesley University in Curriculum and Instruction.