History of PACE

Over 40 years ago fifteen Northshore families, in conjunction with Northshore School District, created an alternative option to the district’s established elementary educational system.

1973          Northshore Alternative Program (NAP) at Lockwood Elementary started with one classroom as a K–3 program.

1974          NAP gained a second classroom at NAP at Lockwood.

1975          NAP gained a third classroom at NAP at Lockwood.

1976          NAP gained a fourth classroom at NAP at Lockwood and became a K–4 program.

1980          NAP opened a K–4 site at Woodin Elementary with 2 ½ classrooms.

1985          NAP at Woodin (aka, NAP Eastside) moved to the Woodinville Annex where it grew to 5 ½ classroom and became a K–6 program.

1990          NAP Eastside became Recognizing Educational Alternatives for Children (REACH).

1992          REACH moved to Woodmoor Elementary with its 5 ½ classrooms.

1993          PACE started a K–6 program with 4 ½ classrooms as PACE at Kokanee Elementary.

1994          REACH at Woodmoor and NAP at Lockwood were renamed to Parents Active in Cooperative Education (PACE) matching the Kokanee name.

1994          PACE at Woodmoor’s site was reduced from 5 ½ classrooms to 4 ½.

1995          PACE at Kokanee was reduced from 4 ½ classrooms to 3 ½ classrooms.

1996          PACE at Wellington Elementary started as a 1–6 grade program with two classrooms.

1997          PACE at Wellington gained a third classroom.

1999          PACE at Woodmoor was again reduced, becoming a 3 ½ classroom site.

2001          All PACE programs eliminated Kindergarten beginning with school year 2001–2002.

2008          PACE at Lockwood celebrated 35 years. NSD cut bus service to all PACE programs.

2009          All PACE programs restructured to be cost neutral to the district. The Kokanee site merged with Woodmoor. Class sizes in the program were allowed to increase. Blended classes migrated to straight grades. The PACE at Lockwood logo was updated from the tree with parents and teachers, to a simple leaf design—which the other PACE sites also adopted.

2017          NSD realigned school boundaries and reconfigured grade levels to a K–5 elementary, 6–8 middle school and 9–12 high school. All PACE programs are now grades 1-5.