Annual Auction

PACE Spring Auction

PACE at Lockwood sees our enrichment program as an investment in our future. Students develop skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and the ability to communicate ideas clearly. Teachers are able to expand curriculum through various enrichment opportunities allowing students to have a deeper knowledge and enriched education.

Our enrichment opportunities are made possible through various fundraising efforts including our Spring Online (and/or in-person) Auction. Usually, our Spring Auction happens every other year during spring, determined each year by the overall schedule. For each auction, we set a $$ goal to go towards the many different enrichment opportunities we offer to PACE students. An amazing team of volunteers began preparing for the auction as early as December.

Proceeds from the auction are used to bring in external educational programs to our PACE students, allowing them to enhance their learning experiences in STEM, outdoor education, arts, camping, social studies, additional science projects, weekly Spanish lessons, literature, Mini Units, in-person or Virtual trips to museums, theaters, guest speakers, and more. We also support our school’s greater needs.

PACE Spring Mini Fundraiser

During off year, when Pace is not running a Big Spring Fundraising Auction, our team puts together a Mini Fundraising Event. It may have mini in the title but it is mighty and equally crucial to our fundraising goal.

Keep an eye out for more details in our PACE Broadcast.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact our Spring Fundraising Lead. We would greatly appreciate any donation you can make and are looking for contributions in the form of financial donations, gift certificates, or items. If you do decide to donate, we will send a receipt with our tax-exempt ID number for your records.

Supporting Lockwood Elementary

PACE at Lockwood is made up of dedicated parent volunteers who support the PACE and Lockwood school community, as well as the teachers and staff of our school. Not only do we raise money for PACE enrichments, but we also support our greater Lockwood Elementary community.

During our Spring 2023 Pace Auction we raised $775 to go towards Lockwood recess and sports equipment!  With that money we were able to provide a mini fridge (so the recess teachers can store ice packs), 5 jump ropes, 6 playground balls, 12 footballs, 1 tether-ball, 12 cans of tennis balls, 6 basketballs and 12 soccer balls to the school!

All was possible thanks to hard work of our Fundraising Team and your generous donations. Thank you!

Other ways to support PACE at Lockwood

If you would like to learn more about other options to support PACE at Lockwood please click below.