Outdoor Education Day

Every other year all students in PACE (grades 1-5) spend the entire school day at a local park in Seattle. Parents, caregivers’ volunteers, and other outdoor and nature experts lead the students in hands-on educational activities.

Students explore the water, the beach, and the forest as they participate in different activities. Here is a list of just a few, of the most popular activities among our students:
–        sea life identification,
–        crabbing,
–        learning about the salmon life cycle,
–        orienteering and map reading,
–        cooking over a fire,
–        shelter construction,
–        bird recognition and birdhouse construction,
–        knot tying,
–        outdoor survival skills,
–        and more.

At the end of the Outdoor Ed day, families join for a picnic dinner as they enjoy an evening of entertainment. Past evening events have included musicians, magicians, nature and science-themed shows.

This is a great opportunity to participate for parents and caregivers who can only volunteer once or twice in person due to their work schedules.