Benefits of PACE

More Hands-On Support:

PACE students benefit from one-on-one support in the classroom provided by parent and/or caregiver volunteers who assist teachers with small group instruction, classroom supplies preparation, and offsite enrichment programs. Each classroom participates in a variety of field trips to enhance the learning experience. Students can experience multi-grade cooperative learning through program study units and activities.

“When PACE parents support the classroom, they inevitably become equipped to help with home-learning activities, to be models for and to guide their children. That is a huge benefit to kids and their academic achievements.”
Caroline Chastain, Woodmore PACE teacher

Friends for Years:

The majority of PACE students continue through elementary years with the same peers. This helps to create strong, long-lasting friendships among them and bonds among the families.

Additional Enrichments:

Additional in-classroom enrichments, multi-grade group events, and field trips help our students develop vital skills for their future success in transitioning to the next school and beyond.

They work on:
– showcasing their creativity,
– problem-solving,
– planning and execution,
– teamwork,
– flexibility to adjust to last-minute changes,
– ability to communicate ideas clearly,
– independence and self-motivated learners,
– ability to accept mistakes and learn from them,
– leadership,
– create strong friendships.

Please see our Enrichments page for more specifics on the variety of activities and learning experiences offered by PACE.