Submit Your Hours

Every member family is obligated to perform 80 hours of volunteer work for the PACE program each year. While half of those hours must be directly dedicated to PACE activities, the other half might come from PTA or general Lockwood activities.

The hope is that most of your PACE hours will come from spending time in the classroom, on field trips, and running enrichment activities. However, we understand that many families will need to donate time after school hours. Please consult with your teacher and room parent on ways to earn after school hours.

To submit your hours, please go to On the left (under “Parents/Members/Students”) you will enter “PACELockwood” as the Organization and click “Enter” (the link in the prior sentence already inputs the phrase “PTALockwood” for you). Next, click the “Volunteer” button at top, followed by clicking on “Enter Volunteer Hours” just below that.

You are now at the “Enter Volunteer Hours” form.

Note that we don’t specifically track when you completed your hours during a given reporting period. Thus, you don’t need to enter hours on every actual day you volunteered. For instance, if you have 18.5 hours of “PACE/Classroom” to report, you can select any day during the reporting period and enter that you volunteered from 4:30am-11:00pm if you wanted to record 18.5 hours worked (a quirk of the form is that you have to change the start time from 4am to something else in order to enter the end time).

We track three types of “Activity or Event Name.” While members have put all sorts of details in that field in the past, know that you should really just give us one of three types: 1) PACE/Classroom (any direct interactions with students), 2) PACE/Administrative (meetings, at-home-activities, etc), or 3) PTA/Lockwood (any volunteering for PTA or the general Lockwood needs). Any other type you enter must be reclassified after the fact.