One of the educational highlights of the PACE program are our Mini-Units. 

These mixed-age sessions pull PACE students from a variety of grade levels to discover and learn through immersive and hands-on activities. We organize Fall and Spring Mini – Units sessions. 

Groups might explore printing and stamp-making by actually creating a series of art projects; or, discover architecture and design by both using design software and building tall structures to withstand a “fan test” in the cafeteria; or, any number of unique and engaging STEM projects. It could be art, it could be science, robotics, or a combination of both. 

We alternate between art and science for each session as well as incorporate environmentally conscious projects. 

Mini-Units are a great opportunity for our students to practice their planning skills, communication skills, teamwork, and creativity. Through the entire process, we make sure our students also have a lot of fun.  

Because Mini Units are a fully parent/caregiver-led curriculum, this is a great opportunity to volunteer and not only earn more PACE hours but also create memories with our students.