RaiseRight Gift Cards

At PACE, it’s always the season to earn money toward your fundraising obligation.

This might be the easiest and best way to raise money for your PACE obligation. Why? You don’t have to sell anything and it doesn’t cost your family anything. 

Do you want to give a loved one a gift? Are you planning to go to the movies? Have you considered going grocery shopping, buying gas for your car, or doing early holiday shopping?
To earn money for your PACE obligation, simply buy a gift card through RaiseRight, then pay for your purchase with the gift card! It’s as easy as that.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is RaiseRight?
   The RaiseRight company purchases gift cards at a discount and sells them to non-profits like us. You pay full
price for the gift cards and we credit the discount amount (3-15%) to your yearly fundraising obligation.
   Physical gift cards look the same and work the same as cards you would buy at a regular store. Electronic cards can also be purchased; these can be printed or presented to retailers using your mobile device.

How do I enroll?
   Visit https://www.raiseright.com/enroll and use our special code for PACE at Lockwood. To receive the code contact Rebecca Skoog – our RaiseRight Coordinator.

What are some of the most popular gift cards?
   Target, Amazon, Albertson’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, REI, Red Robin, JCPenney, Regal, Hilton, and many others!

How do I pay for RaiseRight?
   There are two options. PrestoPay is a secure way to pay online by linking your bank account to the RaiseRight website for a $0.15 fee per transaction. You can also pay by sending a check to PACE at Lockwood P.O. Box. For exact details and address please contact our RaiseRight Coordinator

How do I get my cards?
   Electronic and reloaded cards are available immediately if you use PrestoPay. Or if paying by check, as soon as
the check is received and processed by PACE. Physical cards are ordered on the third Friday of most months. They will be available for pick-up or in most cases can be dropped off at a coordinated location. The new RaiseRight™ mobile app makes keeping track of or loading your electronic cards easy.

What are the 2023-2024 physical card order dates?
* September 15,
* October 20,
* November 17 (last day to order physical cards to arrive before Winter Break),
* December 12 (last day to order physical cards that will count towards your 2023-2024 fundraising obligation),
* January 12, 2024
** February 2024- no physical cards are ordered this month due to Mid-Winter Break,
* March 15, 2024
** April – no physical cards are ordered due to Spring Break,

For questions or more information, please check with your Classroom Coordinator or contact Rebecca Scoog – our RaiseRight Coordinator.